Me, Myself and I.

Artist Bio

Molly&Gabby – BISECT (reborn: 11/12/2018) are living art.  BISECT studied BA Fine Art at Coventry University, and is currently based in Birmingham. Her most recent work explores identity by living as a single being.  

Height 158

Bust 185

Waist 152

Hip 198 

Artist Statement

BISECT means to divide into two exactly equal parts. Two bodies identifying and representing as one, signifying how all work produced is made by one individual identity. Work created never begins or ends at a certain point due to the blurring of my personal life and work. Wearing the same outfit everyday visually connects me, reinforcing that my two bodies are one. Highlighting an element of performance; I document through long exposure photography. It means I can take the photos alone without help of another person. Most photography feature outfits I’ve created, using found mismatched fabrics/materials which helps further represent me as an individual. The garments are typically made from one piece of clothing, to make two identical sets, or one singular conjoining garment. Through my practice I explore a non-normative identity as I am the physical manifestation of 1+1=1.