Welcome to BISECT, an online exhibition curated by co-artist molly&gabby.

BISECT, was originally a physical exhibition to take place at The Old Print Works (Moseley, Birmingham), however (due to Covid-19) it has now been postponed until further notice. This has given me the opportunity to feature my work through an online platform, making it accessible for an audience to view in their own time.

For me, an online exhibition is more than just images and descriptions; it’s about creating a space for viewers to engage and interact with the work. A physical exhibition allows direct interaction with art works. Although an online space can’t provide physical interaction it still offers the same amount of interaction through different means; for instance in this exhibition you can explore three different types of interactions. The finished result isn’t just pictures and text.

Artist Statement

Bisect means to divide into two exactly equal parts. Two bodies identifying and representing as one, signifying how all work produced is made by one individual identity. Creation of work has therefore become inherently 50/50 due to living as one singular, shared entity. Work created never begins or ends at a certain point due to the blurring of my personal life and work. Wearing the same outfit everyday visually connects us, reinforcing that our two bodies are one. Highlighting an element of performance; I document this performance through long exposure photography. It means I can take the photos alone without help of another person. Most photography feature outfits I’ve created, using found mismatched fabrics/materials which helps further represent me as an individual. The garments are typically made from one piece of clothing, to make two identical sets. Through my practice I explore themes of the twin, symmetry/asymmetry and the double self-portrait. All themes give the work a naturally uncanny appeal, with the physical manifestation of 1+1=1. The term uncanny is one in which I’ve explored throughout my practice. With techniques including book binding, print and textile work we develop the photography to better convey this concept.