This chapter will focus on my transition into my third and final year at University, and how I became the embodiment of BISECT.  Building on from my pandrogeny research, I wanted to define myself within something that was entirely personal to me.  Genesis explained in an interview that “We came up with ‘pandrogyne because we wanted a word without any history or any connections with things—a word with its own story and its own information.” (P-Orridge, G. 2012b). Similarly, I wanted to create my own word, distinct to any other artistic definitions, which I could define freely for myself. Experiencing the different stages of this ‘collaboration’, I was able to take the individual aspects from third identity, shared identity and pandrogeny and merge them into something I could fully embody for the rest of my life.  

Initially I didn’t want to use my own word to define myself, there was a fear that this would be unprofessional and unacceptable in the art world. However, after seeing how important it was for Genesis Breyer P-Orridge to create and define their own word, I realised by not doing this myself I was forcing my art/life into a box in which I adhered to. For example, in third identity I was forcing my bodies work to be separated even though this was unnatural and felt forced.  

“People are born, they get all the expectations of their family and relatives thrown at them because they are male or female or whatever, and often the names are given from old relatives, […] You are being designed from the very beginning by other people’s expectations. What we are interested in is breaking that completely, and writing that story yourself.” 

(Shaw, K. 2013) 

By fully embodying BISECT and connecting my individual names, I am creating a non-normative identity that doesn’t conform to other’s expectations of me. It allows me to embrace my new self, and live as my art. BISECT retains its original meaning of being two equal halves to one whole; however, within my artistic life has been modified to represent my two bodies being equal halves to one singular whole identity. The word BISECT is no longer just a title but a definition of my identity, a name, and a way of life. 

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