Practitioners Statement

Molly&Gabby: BISECT (reborn: 11/12/2018) are living art. BISECTS’s most recent work explores identity by living as a single being.   

Height: 158 

Bust: 185 

Waist: 152 

Hip: 198  

BISECT, Selfie Game Strong, 2020.

BISECT means to divide into two exactly equal parts. Two bodies identifying and representing as one, signifying how all work produced is made by one individual identity. Work created never begins or ends at a certain point due to the blurring of my personal life and work. Wearing the same outfit everyday visually connects me, reinforcing that my two bodies are one. I document my performative life through long exposure photography and selfies. This means I can take the photos alone without help of another person. Most photography feature outfits I’ve created, using found mismatched fabrics/materials which helps further represent me as an individual. The garments are typically made from one piece of clothing, to make two identical sets. Through my practice I explore a nonnormative identity as I am the physical manifestation of 1+1=1.   


The title for this work is 1+1=1, and it directly represents how my two bodies identify as a single individual.

This website is a Reflective Report that will reflect on how my work and life merged from my first year through to my third year. During this report, I will go through the timeline development of my identity, which goes from Chapter 2 through to Chapter 7. Chapter 1 will discuss my format and structure decisions of this report. I decided to do a Reflective Report to bring clarity to my identity for myself and others. My report doesn’t come to an actual ‘conclusion’ because I am not answering a question; instead, I am thoroughly discussing my own experience of discovering my identity in relation to a broader context.

This document functions as a website for several reasons, but a vital function to note is this site is that it can be read in any order. Even though I could talk about this experience in chronological order, it would be inaccurate – my work is constant, and my themes and identity overlapped through the different sections.

To navigate through this site, the reader has several options: 

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Chapter 1 – Why is this Submission a Website?

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This chapter focuses on why using online media is valuable within my practice. This chapter is a standalone piece of writing that justifies my structural choices. 

Chapter 2 – Collaboration

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 This section will give a brief overview to collaboration and the different types. Specifically discussing my experience in my first year of University.

Chapter 3 – Third Identity

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Here, I discuss Ulay/Abramović’s identity and how I feel in relation to them.  

Chapter 4 – BISECT Part One

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This chapter is a short introduction to the term ‘BISECT’ and why I didn’t continue to use it at this stage. 

Chapter 5 – Shared Identity

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I discuss the term shared identity and what it meant to me personally, comparing it to the likes of Eva&Adele and Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard.  

Chapter 6 – Pandrogeny

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This chapter talks about BREYER P-ORRDIGE and their Pandrogyne Project.  

Chapter 7 – BISECT Part Two

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The current stage of my identity. I talk about why I started using the term BISECT again and how it represents that my life and my art are no longer separate.