Bisect; to divide into two exactly equal parts.  

Doubled word count 

Due to this singular document being created by two bodies, we have combined our original 5000-word limit into a 10,000-word limit for the main body of the dissertation. This is to ensure that we are putting in the same number of hours as our peers into the outcome.  

‘I’ vs ‘We’ 

Throughout this preface, we have referred to our bodies as ‘we’; however, the main body of text and site we will refer to our self as ‘I’/’me’. We present and act as one individual throughout our practice, and our written work is no exception. Referring to ourselves as ‘I’ will help to signify us working as one, singular being. We decided to refer to ourselves as ‘we’ in this preface so the reader can understand that although we identify as one singular identity, there are still two people who have created this document. Additionally, clearing any confusion as to why two different students will submit the same document.