To reiterate, my two bodies are not a collaboration because this implies individual identities coming together. Whereas in my practice, everything is done equally, being produced as a single entity with two bodies. Due to not being a collaboration, I will not be providing any form of a falsified separation for any submission. I was specifically asked to screen record while producing the writing; however, this would have been a poor decision because it would show my bodies as separate contributions. Additionally, this would only show a small proportion of how I work, discussion and physical writing wouldn’t be captured through a screen recording. 

Regardless of the exact proportion of the work produced by my ‘individual’ bodies, the finished piece can only exist because of the contribution of both bodies equally. Both bodies are just as committed, and engaged as the other and if they weren’t, they couldn’t embody BISECT.  

“Would it be pointless to make your work individually? Gilbert: I think it would be totally impossible. It would finish us. I mean, it is totally impossible. I think I would be totally lost. It would be like cutting the legs of the ‘Singing Sculpture’.”

(Gilbert&George. 2007)

To provide a separation would be fundamentally detrimental to my identity as BISECT.  

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