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This website will propose my reflective report dissertation. Throughout my proposal, I will discuss why I have chosen to do the reflective report, how/why it will take the form of a website and the type of content that will be available on the finished website. 1+1=1 is the title of my dissertation, and it refers to my shared identity. My dissertation aims to provide the reader with a clearer vision of how I work and why; bringing clarity to my identity.   

“Where ever we are is museum” (Eva&Adele, 1999).    

The above quote was influential on me as my personal life and my practice have merged entirely and are now inseparable. I recognise that by visually connecting my two bodies outwardly shows how I feel as one singular identity. Committing daily to showing my shared identity, I understand anything I do can be viewed as a performance or the physical embodiment of a museum for someone to witness. Throughout my practice describing, analysing and evaluating my shared identity has been difficult; my dissertation aims to overcome these issues and explore my identity further.  This proposal will give some insight into my research of collaborative practice and where it situates within my shared identity; I will discuss future research and new influences that have occurred towards the end of this semester.