Description of Topic

At this point in my practice, I describe myself as having two bodies with one singular identity. Working as a singular for approximately five months now, there is limited research. I want to continuously explore terms of interest; such as collaboration, shared identity, and pandrogyne throughout my practice. I will reflect on these terms and the work created in response throughout my reflective report. I plan to present a timeline of the different stages of my work, and the various artistic terms I related to the most at that time. The timeline will span from October 2019 to December 2020, discussing how I started as two different identities and beginning the report by outlining my practice. The report will discuss the main turning points of my practice, and these include when my two bodies began working collaboratively, to working as one singular and the point where I became fully committed. Throughout all sections, I will critically analyse my work to the influences I had at the time.  

“As undergraduate students, it didn’t really feel like we were giving anything up because we didn’t have solo practices – just some shitty first-year work, probably only made to fill the requirements of the course” (Forsyth, I., and Pollard, J. 2017).

Similarly, to Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard my two bodies didn’t have their own individual artistic identities. Through collaboration and merging of personal and artistic identities, pushed the work out of the boundary of ‘shitty first-year work’. Specifically, regarding the course requirements, being one allowed me to push the boundary which I couldn’t do as my two separated bodies. Work produced is thinking long term outside of just University – even if this means not meeting academic standards. I will always work as one and these ideas will be discussed further in my dissertation.