Bisect; to divide into two equal halves. This definition sums up how we feel about ourselves at this point. We are two halves of one whole. Due to the way we go about our work, the results are inherently 50/50. Feeling as one single shared identity, the act of separating any work produced goes against our practice completely. We would like all work, therefore, marked as if we had done exactly 50%. We have worked entirely collaboratively on a single live document to complete this, and we have completed the same amount of editing, writing and work for the finished result. We have considered the possibility of this potentially getting one individual a ‘lower’ grade than if completed alone: however, we still find it more valuable to stay true to our art by not separating it.

Writing in singular first person

Throughout this preface, we have referred to ourselves as ‘we’; however, the rest of this Proposal and site we will refer to our self as ‘I’/’me’. We present and act as one individual throughout our work, and our written work is no exception. Referring to ourselves as ‘I’ will help to signify us working as one, singular being. We decided to refer to ourselves as ‘we’ in this preface so the reader can understand that although we identify as one singular identity, there are still two people who have created this document. Additionally, clearing any confusion as to why two different students will submit the same document.

Word Limit

Due to this singular document being created by two bodies, we have combined our original 1000-word limit into a 2000-word limit for the Proposal section of the brief. This is to ensure that we are putting in the same number of hours as our peers into the final outcome, whereas, if we kept the word limit the same it could be seen as us trying to do half the amount of work. The doubled word limit also means we can expand on our ideas better, especially as two individual ideas and concerns will be in the finished result. The overall word limit for the Research Portfolio is also doubled to 2000-words. To do this, we have doubled the three pieces of approximately 330 words to six pieces of the same length. We didn’t double the word limit for each piece separately as we are aware the limited word limit is important.

To conclude, we would find it appropriate for this document to be marked and read as if done entirely 50/50. No separation of what each party has done will be provided. Apart from this preface, we will now refer to ourselves as ‘I’/’me’. The word limit for the Proposal has been doubled from 1000 to 2000 words to overcome the problems stated above. Finally, the Research Portfolio has been doubled from three pieces to six pieces with an overall word limit of 2000 words.