Basis of Interest

“(I)f what the professor truly wants is for students to discover and craft their own desires and dreams; a personal cyberinfrastructure provides the opportunity” (Campbell, G. 2013).

Art to me, is about exploring and pushing the boundaries of what would be considered acceptable; and a dissertation doesn’t exclude this. Art students are expected to contextualise their practice and consistently work through creative means, with exception to written work. Art moves with the times; opening and pushing new boundaries yet we are required to work within such limitations going against art-based practice. Working in a linear fashion to produce written documents isn’t contextualising our practice within the current world. Modern society utilises technology, however it is often not considered when discussing written art practice. By having my dissertation in a website form means it will be both accessible and help challenge what an essay is. Specifically, for artists and how new innovative ways of creating essays could benefit the art world. 

The Yellow Sitting Series (2020) Stop Motion Video
Example of interactive content which cannot be formatted on a word document.

Recently I have started to refine my technical skills in online media because I want my dissertation to be both academically and technically sound. To expand on these skills I have curated a virtual exhibition (available at Producing this gave me the opportunity to better understand how to use interactive content online – this is the type of content I plan to feature throughout my reflective report. I will discuss the different types of interactive content and how it relates back to my studio work. Since producing this exhibition, I plan to continue to curate more – this is something I will reflect on throughout my dissertation. 

I decided to do the reflective report to take a critical look at my work and its conceptual framework. Research is limited to help describe how I feel; being two bodies with one identity and exploring this through my own work is beneficial. Writer on Co-art Ellen Mara De Wachter “noticed that very little had been written about collaboration in art” (Wachter, 2017). There are limited writings on collaboration, let alone some more complex terms I’m interested in like shared identity. With this said by doing a reflective report I will be able to write about terms/conceptual ideas surrounding ‘collaboration’ with the limited research in the context of my own work. While working I naturally analyse my work in comparison to other practitioners who aim to explore similar ideas within their work. As a result, due to me naturally taking a critically reflective approach to my artwork and having to explore areas with more limited research, the reflective approach is the best option for me.