Research & Sources

The research listed below will be main lines of enquiry within my practice at the beginning of third year. It will influence the main text produced for my dissertation, as well as short, individual pieces of writing; such as my research portfolio featured on this document. 

Future Sources

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Wurth Collection (2019) From Head to Toe – Human Images in the Focus of the Wurth Collection [Art Exhibition] Switzerland: Wurth Rorschach, February 2021 

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, and Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge use of the term ‘pandrogynous’ throughout their work; pushing past just shared identity. This term describes how I feel better than other terms I have come across. This will be a main line of focus beginning third year, alongside researching their relationship. I have already come across some books, films and interviews which I will research to understand P-Orridge’s work and the term ‘pandrogyne’. 

Fashion is inherently a main aspect in my work; however, I want to expand my external sources that influence this element. Currently I take a spontaneous approach when creating my garments, as the designs are heavily based on how I feel in the moment and the materiality of the fabrics. Moving into third year, I want to make more informed decisions on how I make the clothing and why. Research will revolve round; Alexander McQueen, Leigh Bowery, Daniel Lismore and the different eras of fashion.


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